Oral Health Care Assessment and Treatment Consent

ResiDental Solutions provides regular preventative dental treatment to residents in their Aged Care Facilities. 

The care and wellbeing of your loved ones is very important to us and we pride ourselves on delivering our services with the utmost respect, dignity and compassion.

Treatment that the resident may receive includes the following: 

Oral health care assessment, detailed charting, photographs, removal of plaque and/or stain, application of fluoride or desensitising agent, dietary analysis and advice, oral hygiene instructions for the resident and care staff, cleaning/polishing of pre-existing dentures and temporary restorations. (This is subject to the resident's requirements and level of cooperation on the day.)

Following each Oral Health Care Assessment, the dental hygienist will prepare a report on the resident's oral health and inform NOK of any further recommended treatment requiring further consent and arrangement.

Resident Details

Self-consent or Substitute Consent by Appointed Guardian, Medical Agent or Relative

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